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 Education for all

eTekkatho is our programme of free, self-contained digital libraries of educational resources which the current generation of students in Myanmar (Burma) can use right away. 


We select the best global open educational resources and adapt them so that they can work anywhere, even in places with little or no internet connection. Our eLibraries work on any infrastructure and use open, platform-independent technologies which adapt and grow flexibly as connectivity improves locally. 


With all licences and permissions in place, the eLibrary already contains thousands of relevant, up-to-date, high quality resources especially selected to support learning, teaching and research in Myanmar, and we are always adding more.


Providing access to resources is just the start. We run programmes of training to librarians, educators and students - everything from basic IT skills to advanced resource discovery.


Support the hopes of young people in Myanmar by sponsoring an eTekkatho library, becoming a friend of the project or making a donation via PayPal.

If you share our passion for education and have skills, expertise and time to offer the eTekkatho project, please get in touch.

We deliver educational change to young people across Myanmar by building skills and enabling access to knowledge.

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