The Tekkatho Foundation is registered in England and Wales as a charitable company limited by guarantee  (number: 1160640).

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Holyoake House, Hanover Street

Manchester, M60 0AS

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About Us

The Tekkatho Foundation is regulated by the Charity Commission in England and Wales as a charitable company limited by guarantee (number: 1160640).  Our articles of association (the legal document that sets out how we are governed) is available for download.


The Tekkatho Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation. The trustees receive no remuneration for their work.  Find out more about our team and our partners.


Our charitable objects are:

To advance the education, particularly but not exclusively, of the people of Myanmar (Burma), including by:

(a) providing digital libraries and other education infrastructure in areas of limited or no internet connectivity;

(b) promoting exchanges, teaching placements and research partnerships between educational institutions and international partners.

You can read about how we are achieving our mission in our annual report.


Our registered office is:

Holyoake House
Hanover Street
United Kingdom
M60 0AS

The Tekkatho Foundation is certified by NGOSource as equivalent to a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity under the Equivalency Determination (ED) process as set out by the published regulations of the IRS and the Department of Treasury.