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Support Us

Please support education in Myanmar by making a donation via Payroll Giving or PayPal.

A quality education changes lives. And it starts with you: with your support, we can build better libraries across the whole of Myanmar.


We want to provide access to education to everyone in every state and region in Myanmar.  With your help, we can provide fast and reliable access to educational resources at universities, schools and community libraries so young people can benefit from the opportunities digital technologies bring wherever they study.


We can introduce people of all ages to the concepts of self-study and independent learning with easy access to relevant, high quality and up-to-date educational and research materials.  We can train librarians, educators and students and bring the benefits of eLearning to Myanmar.


eTekkatho is making education work for the young people of Myanmar today. We are supporting the minds of tomorrow.


The Tekkatho Foundation is a registered UK charity and donations are tax-free.  We are certified as equivalent to a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity under the Equivalency Determination (ED) process as set out by the published regulations of the IRS and the Department of Treasury.

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